Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Python Grids?

With hundreds of thousands of Python packages, I personally found it hard to figure out which packages I ought to be considering in my Python Projects. I admired how easy it was to find Django Packages to look into at Comparison grids are great at quickly finding out which packages to read up on.

Should I just pick the first/biggest/newest/most-starred package in a grid?

No. You should use your judgment based on your specific needs. Grids do not tell you what to use. They just give you a nice starting point for a list of which packages to investigate further.

What is the relationship between Python Grids and Django Packages?

Not really any relationship. Python Grids is a downstream fork of the open-source Django Packages project. I am a user of, and a huge admirer of Django Packages and the people behind it.

What does funded by the DSF mean?

You should probably look at the DjangoPackages FAQ for information about that. Now might also be a good time for you to consider donating to The Django Software Foundation and to The Python Software Foundation if you have the capacity to do so.

What are grids?

Comparison Grids let you compare Python packages to each other. A grid comes with a number of default items compared, but you can add more features in order to get a more specific comparison.

For now, we are trying out Python Grids without the traditional tagging system, because we think that grids give us a lot more specificity.

What are categories?

Categories are broad groups of Python packages into something more granular than Grids. A package can only have one category. Changing then requires backend work, and is not done lightly. This is intentional, done in order to make searching easier.

Which source control sites do you support?

Github and Bitbucket are supported.

What about RSS & Atom Syndication?

The Syndication page has more details.

How can I contribute? is forked from Django Packages, an open source project. We appreciate all sorts of contributions to the upstream repository (DjangoPackages) and in the future hope to invite contributions to this fork directly.

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