GridDescriptionLast ModifiedPackagesFeatures
Admin PanelsLibraries for administrative interfaces.Mon 20 Jan90
Algorithms and Design PatternsPython implementation of algorithms and design patterns.Mon 20 Jan40
APIsPackages that help you serve APIs from your Python project.Fri 20 Sep00
ArchiveMon 20 Jan10
ASGI ServersASGI-compatible web servers.Mon 20 Jan10
AsynchronousMon 20 Jan10
Asynchronous ClientsMon 20 Jan10
Asynchronous ProgrammingMon 20 Jan30
AudioWorking with Audio in PythonFri 20 Sep60
AuthenticationUse authentication modules.Fri 20 Sep00
Batch ProcessingMon 20 Jan50
Build ToolsCompile software from source code.Mon 20 Jan50
Built-in Classes EnhancementLibraries for enhancing Python built-in classes.Mon 20 Jan50
CachingLibraries for caching data.Mon 20 Jan70
ChatOps ToolsLibraries for chatbot development.Mon 20 Jan10
CLI EnhancementsMon 20 Jan50
ClientsMon 20 Jan20
CMSContent Management Systems.Mon 20 Jan70
Code AnalysisMon 20 Jan50
Code CoverageMon 20 Jan10
Code FormatChanges your Python code formatting (or other languages).Fri 20 Sep30
Code FormattersMon 20 Jan60
Code LintersPython code linters find potential errors in your code.Fri 20 Sep60
Command-line Application DevelopmentMon 20 Jan60
Command Line ParsingFrameworks for building command-line applications.Tue 24 Sep100
CompatibilityLibraries for migrating from Python 2 to 3.Mon 20 Jan30
Computer VisionLibraries for computer vision.Mon 20 Jan40
Concurrency and ParallelismLibraries for concurrent and parallel execution. Also see [awesome-asyncio]( 20 Jan60
ConfigurationLibraries for storing and parsing configuration options.Mon 20 Jan40
CryptographyMon 20 Jan40
CSVMon 20 Jan10
Data AnalysisLibraries for data analyzing.Mon 20 Jan50
DatabaseDatabases implemented in Python.Mon 20 Jan30
Database DriversLibraries for connecting and operating databases.Mon 20 Jan60
Data ValidationLibraries for validating data. Used for forms in many cases.Mon 20 Jan70
Data VisualizationPython packages that allow you to visualize data.Mon 16 Sep180
Date and TimeLibraries for working with dates and times.Mon 20 Jan90
Dates and TimesPackages related to dates, times, timezones, and more in your Python Applications.Fri 20 Sep90
Deep LearningFrameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Also see [awesome-deep-learning]( 20 Jan70
DevOps ToolsSoftware and libraries for DevOps.Mon 20 Jan120
DistributionLibraries to create packaged executables for release distribution.Mon 20 Jan60
DjangoMon 20 Jan20
DocumentationLibraries for generating project documentation.Mon 20 Jan40
DownloaderLibraries for downloading.Mon 20 Jan40
E-commerceFrameworks and libraries for e-commerce and payments.Mon 20 Jan100
EmacsMon 20 Jan10
Environment ManagementLibraries for Python version and virtual environment management.Mon 20 Jan20
Fake DataMon 20 Jan40
FilesLibraries for file manipulation and MIME type detection.Mon 20 Jan70
FlaskMon 20 Jan30
Foreign Function InterfaceLibraries for providing foreign function interface.Mon 20 Jan40
FormsLibraries for working with forms.Mon 20 Jan60
Framework agnosticMon 20 Jan70
Functional ProgrammingFunctional Programming with Python.Mon 20 Jan50
Game DevelopmentAwesome game development libraries.Mon 20 Jan80
GeneralMon 20 Jan110
GeolocationLibraries for geocoding addresses and working with latitudes and longitudes.Mon 20 Jan60
GraphQLLibraries for working with GraphQL.Mon 20 Jan30
GUI DevelopmentLibraries for working with graphical user interface applications.Mon 20 Jan150
GUIsLibraries for building Graphical user interface apps in Python.Fri 20 Sep90
GUI / Web TestingMon 20 Jan50
HardwareLibraries for programming with hardware.Mon 20 Jan70
HTML ManipulationLibraries for working with HTML and XML.Mon 20 Jan110
HTTP ClientsLibraries for working with HTTP.Mon 20 Jan60
IDEMon 20 Jan20
Image ProcessingLibraries for manipulating images.Mon 20 Jan120
Implementations [CPython]( - **Default, most widely used implementation of the Python programming language written in C.*Mon 20 Jan130
Interactive InterpreterInteractive Python interpreters (REPL).Mon 20 Jan40
InternationalizationLibraries for working with i18n.Mon 20 Jan20
Job SchedulerLibraries for scheduling jobs.Mon 20 Jan100
JWTMon 20 Jan30
Lab automation landscapePython packages that allow you to automate laboratory measurementsMon 20 Jan260
LoggingLibraries for generating and working with logs.Mon 20 Jan40
Machine LearningPython packages that support the use of machine learning and AI functionality in your Python AppsThu 12 Sep70
Mail ServersMon 20 Jan20
MarkdownMon 20 Jan20
MetadataMon 20 Jan40
Microsoft WindowsPython programming on Microsoft Windows.Mon 20 Jan50
MiscellaneousUseful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above.Mon 20 Jan50
MockMon 20 Jan80
MockingFri 20 Sep00
Natural Language ProcessingPython packages that support NLP: Processing and interpreting human languages.Mon 16 Sep141
Network VirtualizationTools and libraries for Virtual Networking and SDN (Software Defined Networking).Mon 20 Jan30
News FeedLibraries for building user's activities.Mon 20 Jan20
NoSQL DatabasesMon 20 Jan100
OAuthMon 20 Jan60
Object FactoriesMon 20 Jan30
OfficeMon 20 Jan80
Other Relational DatabasesMon 20 Jan20
OthersMon 20 Jan70
Package ManagementLibraries for package and dependency management.Mon 20 Jan50
Package RepositoriesLocal PyPI repository server and proxies.Mon 20 Jan40
ParserMon 20 Jan70
pdb-like DebuggerMon 20 Jan40
PDFMon 20 Jan30
PermissionsLibraries that allow or deny users access to data or functionality.Mon 20 Jan20
ProcessesLibraries for starting and communicating with OS processes.Mon 20 Jan30
Productivity ToolsMon 20 Jan80
ProfilerMon 20 Jan60
PyramidMon 20 Jan10
Python Bytes PodcastPython Packages featured on the Python Bytes podcast. For more information about the podcast, head to: 14 Sep91
QueuesEvent and task queues.Fri 20 Sep00
Recommender SystemsLibraries for building recommender systems.Mon 20 Jan80
Relational DatabasesMon 20 Jan80
RESTful APILibraries for building RESTful APIs.Mon 20 Jan00
RoboticsLibraries for robotics.Mon 20 Jan20
RPC ServersRPC-compatible servers.Mon 20 Jan10
ScienceLibraries for scientific computing. Also see [Python-for-Scientists]( 20 Jan200
SearchLibraries and software for indexing and performing search queries on data.Mon 20 Jan50
SerializationLibraries for serializing complex data typesMon 20 Jan40
Serverless FrameworksFrameworks for developing serverless Python code.Mon 20 Jan20
SlugifyMon 20 Jan30
Static Site GeneratorStatic site generator is a software that takes some text + templates as input and produces HTML files on the output.Mon 20 Jan40
Static Type Annotations GeneratorsMon 20 Jan10
Stream ProcessingMon 20 Jan20
Sublime TextMon 20 Jan20
SynchronousMon 20 Jan40
TaggingLibraries for tagging items.Mon 20 Jan10
Talk Python To Me PodcastPackages featured on the Talk Python To Me podcast. To learn more about this podcast, head to 20 Jan00
Task QueuesLibraries for working with task queues.Mon 20 Jan40
Template EngineLibraries and tools for templating and lexing.Mon 20 Jan30
Terminal RenderingMon 20 Jan40
Test FrameworksTest frameworks that allow you to test your Python code.Thu 12 Sep50
Testing FrameworksMon 20 Jan50
Test RunnersMon 20 Jan30
Third-party APIsLibraries for accessing third party services APIs. Also see [List of Python API Wrappers and Libraries]( 20 Jan70
TracingMon 20 Jan40
Unique identifiersMon 20 Jan20
URL ManipulationLibraries for parsing URLs.Mon 20 Jan40
VideoLibraries for manipulating video and GIFs.Mon 20 Jan20
VimMon 20 Jan30
Visual StudioMon 20 Jan10
Visual Studio CodeMon 20 Jan10
Web Asset ManagementTools for managing, compressing and minifying website assets.Mon 20 Jan70
Web Content ExtractingLibraries for extracting web contents.Mon 20 Jan90
Web CrawlingLibraries to automate web scraping.Mon 20 Jan80
Web FrameworksPython web frameworks help you make websites and other web-enabled services.Thu 12 Sep181
Web ScrapingPython packages to help you scrape information from websites.Sun 15 Sep60
WebSocketLibraries for working with WebSocket.Mon 20 Jan30
WSGI ServersWSGI-compatible web servers.Mon 20 Jan50
YAMLMon 20 Jan10
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